"Creative Calm" guided relaxation sessions, 

one to one or in small groups - in person and online

Being able to relax is one of the key elements of singing technique, as well as life in general! Sometimes we need a little help to calm down, rest and  bring ourselves back to 

I trained in clinical hypnotherapy over 20 years ago, as well as being a qualified life coach. I have always found the skills invaluable in helping my singing clients.

I created a  guided imagery programme to help "re-set"  the mind and relax the body, leaving space for positive suggestions to support performance confidence and wellbeing.

These guided-imagery sessions are targeted to support individual needs.
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 "Creative Calm" Hypnotic Relaxation Recording Download

In this downloadable, guided imagery audio recording, my voice gently leads you into a deeply relaxing state, through visualising a series of beautiful images and ideas to help  increase your confidence and you make your performing goals a reality. 

Visualise your ideal outcome, Relax. Achieve your goal...

"I have worked with many people over the years who experienced performance anxiety ("stage fright"), in fact I experienced it myself earlier in my career, so have first hand knowledge of what a challenge it can be.

Various techniques and combinations can help different people combat this debilitating problem. I found that most people find deep-relaxation, guided imagery and mental-rehearsal are particularly effective and enjoyable. Therefore I wrote and produced  "Creative Calm" - Hypnotic Relaxation for Stage Fright"

  • Want the confidence to perform on stage? 
  • Scared of Public Speaking? 
  • Learn to relax 
  • Control your nerves
  • Challenge your limiting beliefs 

I also offer personal stage-fright training courses for groups and individuals by arrangement.

" extraordinarily inspiring and encouraging you are. You communicate so much so effectively and you create such a warm and su...