About    Voice Club Director - Heather Maîr Thomas Ftcl,dipTcl,Ltcl

Voice Club Director - Heather Maîr Thomas  Ftcl,dipTcl,Ltcl

I am a vocalist - a singer and voice artist, and I have been teaching voice since 1994.  
My clients have included David Tennant, Andy Bell, Dori Sakurada, Sarah Blackwood, Matt Willis, Rosie Millard and Mark Nevin. 
I am particularly interested in the relationship between creative self-expression, relaxation and mental/spiritual and physical well-being.  I believe in our innate ability to sing, whatever we may have been led to believe.
I come from Newlyn, in Cornwall. I studied for 5 years at two leading conservatoires, Trinity College of Music, London (now Trinity Laban)  and Guildhall School of Music and Drama under Margaret Lensky and John Wakefield, becoming a Fellow and Licenciate of Trinity in 1992. 

My studies included Opera, German Lieder, French Song, English Song, Movement, Dance, Dalcroze Eurythmics, Music History, Composition, Sight Singing, Keyboard, and Stylistic Perception. Song classes, Masterclasses and Competition as well as languages, French, Italian and German. 

My personal taste in music and my  eclectic work as a performer and teacher takes me in all creative and musical directions, from commercial studio session work to opera, jazz, folk and contemporary music styles  as well as the world of acting, voiceover and directing/producing. more 

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Teaching background
Alongside my performing, I have been teaching singing technique since 1992 in private practise  in London.  I find that teaching supports my own vocal health, making me focus on technique and finding ways to examine  and keep developing the process. 

My conservatoire training was  in the Bel Canto style,  In my personal exploration of singing across genres and learning styles, I adapted this, integrated aspects of other vocal methods, created my own exercises and developed "Simplified Singing Technique". 
This is designed to be accessible to all levels and styles of singer, promoting vocal health and controlled relaxation.

Early on in my teaching career I was inspired by one of my clients, an adult beginner whose journey from depression to restored mental health was supported by her pursuit of "freeing" her voice.
 It was the first time I had been a part of such a rewarding journey. It prompted me to explore therapeutic avenues relating to the voice, to help me use vocal training in a more holistic way. 

Personal Development 
I  trained and qualified in Life Coaching Skills and Practise  from Newcastle College, and studied Clinical Hypnotherapy at The London College of Clinical Hypnosis. 
I also trained at Art and Business in  Arts Based Training.
 I  now  include these  holistic skills, hypnotherapy and coaching in my voice training, as well as working with people on unlocking their creativity and balancing the elements of their life. 

My commitment to facilitating people's relationship with their voices is strong and ongoing. I believe that this relationship is our right, and its benefits are profound.  

I challenge society's acceptance of  what I call voice-shaming, having seen, for over 30 years, the long lasting damage it can do to confidence and self-esteem. 

You may not wish to be a professional singer, your goals may be as simple as to sing to your children or join in with "Happy Birthday to You". 
The point is that your voice is your voiceand nobody has the right to shut it down. 

The Voice Club
In 2010 I founded the Voice Club, running  regular group courses, residential singing courses and workshops in singing technique. 

We are currently running 2 courses in Crouch End, London N8. One-day workshops and residential courses  are planned for Venice and Cornwall.

I am interested in the relationship between creative self-expression and mental/spiritual and physical well-being. 
My work on this has been featured in several articles in the media.My guided imagery recording "Creative Calm'' assists with stage fright and public appearance anxiety.

For further details of my work and media  www.heathermairthomas.com

Teaching testimonials"I love what you do Heather, and it brings such joy!!! "
"Just to let you know that I had my audition for the choir, and I got in! So thank you, thank you, thank you for your brilliant singing lessons!"
"Thank you so much for a brilliant lesson on Saturday.You seemed to understand exactly what was needed!"
"Thanks for the confidence tricks - I will be making use of them" 

‘’Heather is a great vocal coach, technically excellent but more importantly sympathetic to the needs of a karaoke singer like me. I needed to lose my Tom Jones impression and find my own voice and Heather helped me do that...’’ Justin Lee Collins - ( playing Amos Hart -Chicago)
Heather is a committed and enthusiastic singing teacher and coach.  Known for her patient and non-judgemental approach,delivering inspiring courses and workshops in simplified singing technique to adults, from beginners to experienced professionals. 

Heather Maîr Thomas is an award-winning singer, voice artist, holistic singing coach, and fellow of Trinity Laban Conservatoire.  ...