Gentle introduction to Simplified Singing Technique for adult/beginners 
6 weeks from Tuesday November 7th 10am-11.20am
Relax and Sing - Six week introductory courses
Venue - Crouch End Picturehouse Cinema
10am-11.20am from Tuesday 7th Nov 

Enrol now for our next light-hearted, practical course designed to help you unwind and enjoy your voice, making a real difference to your singing and your self-expression. Limited places
  • Think you "can't" sing? 
  • Anxious about being heard? 
  • Fear embarrassment? 
  • Want to feel relaxed when you sing? 
This welcoming, safe, small group course is the place for you!  

Many people feel uncomfortable with their voices.

Through embarrassment or teasing in childhood, self-conscious feelings or simply a lack of experience, many people's voices remain unexplored and unexpressed.

With over 20 years of voice training, coaching and therapeutic work with non-singers and beginner adults I understand the fears and anxieties many people feel. 

 For many, freeing your voice can be an emotional journey, but it can also be a joyous experience!

Shy people and anxious beginners all made very welcome 
  • Identify emotional barriers, memories and unhelpful beliefs that affect your confidence. 
  • Discover the importance and influence of breathing, visualisation and relaxation through practical exercises. 
  • Explore core principles and techniques of natural voice production. 
  • Small, friendly, supportive group. 
  • Calm your nerves 
  • Group songs in a variety of styles to put the learning into context
    Relax and Sing  6 week beginners course
    10am-11.20am from Tuesday 7th Nov 

      Each attendee receives:
      • Free Your Voice vocal workout by Heather Maîr Thomas 
      • Creative Calm - relaxation audio programme by Heather Maîr Thomas 
      • Printed course materials 
      • Voice Club pencil 
      • Voice Club Facebook members group 

      Fee: £125 
      + paypal  £4 fee

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      Booking/full payment must be made in advance to guarantee a place.
      Group numbers are kept strictly limited.

      Enrolment is on a "First Come, First Served" basis
      Courses are open to returning and new members, space permitting
      Please note - these are not casual  "drop-in" classes.

      Course content is planned to suit enrolled members

      Relax & Sing Courses are designed  for adult beginners to discover the basics of vocal technique in a practical, yet informal way. 

      The content is designed to suit the participants, taking into account their relationship with their voice, vocal history and their goals

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