"Just to let you know that I had my audition for the choir, and I got in! So thank you, thank you, thank you for your brilliant singing lessons!"

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Voice Club was created by Heather Maîr Thomas ftcl, Ltcl, dipTcl. Heather is a professionally trained classical/operatic soprano and crossover artist, blending a Cornish/folk and jazz background with 5 years training at conservatoires, Guildhall and Trinity College of Music.

As a singing teacher  in private practice, Heather's skill-set combines over 30 years of professional singing and performing experience with training in hypnotherapy and life coaching qualifications.

Heather has been teaching  singing technique since 1992, with clients ranging from anxious/terrified non-singers to corporate clients and professional celebrities *

The Voice Club
In the same way that sportsmen/women work on their fitness alongside their sport, Heather identified that  people who sing (in choirs, solo or  in the shower!) could enjoy and benefit from regular vocal training, practice and development,  to support their singing activities, but don't necessarily have the time, confidence or budget for one-to-one singing lessons.

Assisted by a few, selected  like-minded facilitators,  Heather delivers Voice Club  group courses and sessions that are light-hearted, instructive, friendly and non competitive. Very chilled!

There are regular courses, groups and one-day workshops to kick-start your singing confidence


Committed to enable victims of vocal anxiety,  which often originates from  the socially- acceptable practise of  vocal teasing and criticism, or as she puts it, "Voice Shaming",  Heather  developed her popular, practical yet informal, accessible singing technique training programmes delivered with a compassionate and intuitive approach to helping people work through fears and creative blocks. 

Designed to arm a singer with the practical tools to be the pilot of their own voice, in a state of controlled relaxation, with therapeutic benefits. The singer can challenge the origins of their vocal identity and put old fears to rest.

Voice Club sessions aim to create a friendly, relaxed atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable and safe, and it's ok to "do it wrong"!

Specialising in training adult voices at all levels, we can help particularly with confidence issues and performance anxiety, from adult beginners to established performers.

Your relationship with your voice is very personal.

Like "body image", many people experience issues, beliefs and feelings relating to their "vocal image" that can be traced back to early years.

It can be important for many people to explore these beliefs as part of their vocal development.

Courses and classes can combine practical singing technique with a therapeutic approach in addressing past associations that may limit vocal freedom and confidence. A flexible, accessible, sensitive method, suitable for all levels

Every voice is unique, and every person has their own individual learning style and experience of their own voice.

Therefore, our teaching methods/techniques are tailored and blended to suit the singer, their voice, their personal experience of singing and their goals rather than a rigid adhesion to one particular method.


Heather  was a major contributor
 to the BBC Radio 4 documentary
"Am I Tone Deaf" 
Some people find that accessing their voices helps with other areas of personal development, which can deeply enrich their lives.

As a vocal coach, Heather works with actors and musicians in the public eye, as well as with many people whose singing is an important part of their life.

Current students come from a variety of backgrounds, amateur and professional, from West End, international TV & film/record industry to people starting completely from scratch. Everyone's goal is unique to them.

Recent students personal successes include:-
  • Mature student accepted for Musical Theatre post graduate at Mountview 
  • Sang in public for the first time at her husband's 50th birthday 
  • TV news reader overcoming breathing problems 
  • Despite label "tone deaf" since childhood - passed choir audition! 
  • Doctor Who actor David Tennant preparing for the vocal demands of Hamlet for the RSC 
  • Mat Willis (Busted) is now appearing in Wicked 
  • Andy Bell (Erasure) in "Pop Star to Opera Star" 
  • Pop Idol contestants 
  • Sky TV preparing Justin Lee Collins for his appearance as Amos Hart in the musical Chicago in London's West End
* Former and current clients include:
  • David Tennant (Dr Who/Hamlet - RSC) 
  • Matt Willis (Wicked/Busted/Flashdance) 
  • Andy Bell (Erasure) 
  • Rosie Millard 
  • Pip Clothier 
  • Mark Nevin 
  • Dubstar 
  • Guilty Pleasures 
  • Justin Lee Collins (Chicago - London West End) 
  • BBC Television/Radio 
  • The Times - Body & Soul 
  • Kimberly Stewart 
  • Long Blondes 
  • Learning & Skills Council 
  • Rough Trade Records 
  • Channel 4 
  • Sky TV
Kind words from happy clients:

"Just to let you know that I had my audition for the choir, and I got in! So thank you, thank you, thank you for your brilliant singing lessons!"

"Thank you so much for a brilliant lesson on Saturday.You seemed to understand exactly what was needed!"

"Thanks for the confidence tricks - I will be making use of them"


‘’Heather is a great vocal coach, technically excellent but more importantly sympathetic to the needs of a karaoke singer like me. I needed to lose my Tom Jones impression and find my own voice and Heather helped me do that...’’ Justin Lee Collins - ( playing Amos Hart -Chicago)

"Heather is a committed and enthusiastic singing teacher and coach. Known for her patient and non-judgemental approach, she delivers inspiring courses and workshops in simplified singing technique to adults, from beginners to experienced professionals."

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